Joker’s Republic is Ska Punk the People Can Get Behind!

Joker’s Republic is a witty Ska/Punk Trio from New Jersey. The republic roster is as follows: Austen Gray (Guitar), Billy Smolen (Bass) and Pat Elwood (Drums) Their latest release is called Necessary Evil. Warning: their tunes are highly addictive and people prone to earworms may want to snatch up this baby and crank it up! […]

Ratas en Zelo bring Accordion Punk Power to the Checkerboard Kids Program

I have always heard a lot about this band but after seeing them perform live at the Peoples Forum in NYC September 2021 I was so blown away by their energy and ability to engage their audience that I immediately invited them to come onto the show and they said yes! On March 11th 2022 […]

Dance Jerico (Video) – Out of Control Army

Out of Control Army is an outstanding 2 Tone Ska band from Mexico City and I was happy to be a part of their video for Dance Jerico a great rendition of the old school spiritual “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho” . It is directed by the very talented Magnet Ornelas! I skanked it […]

Rox Teddy Ska Baseball Team in Super Mega Baseball 3

Checkerboard Kids are so happy this exists! You can check out the full details and see pics and links to the games team below! June 2020 on the Super Mega Baseball 3 platform The creator of Those American Girls, the talented Peter Bernard (Note: Those American Girls and I teamed up on Xmas for some […]