I have always heard a lot about this band but after seeing them perform live at the Peoples Forum in NYC September 2021 I was so blown away by their energy and ability to engage their audience that I immediately invited them to come onto the show and they said yes! On March 11th 2022 we were able to get them down to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network studio expertly lit by our facilitator Malik to capture their feel of chaos and flames on one side and blue sky calmness kind of like a yin yang effect. They played some old favorites from their album “Despertar” as well as brand new songs from their upcoming release “Desvergue” as well and answered questions about their lives and future plans for world domination. They blessed me with a pair of rat ears and told me I have a “rat soul” but don’t take my word for them check out the Checkerboard Kids episode link above or better yet catch Ratas en Zelo live! You can find out more about them by checking out this link here https://linktr.ee/ratasenzelo


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