Dance Jerico (Video) – Out of Control Army

Out of Control Army is an outstanding 2 Tone Ska band from Mexico City and I was happy to be a part of their video for Dance Jerico a great rendition of the old school spiritual “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho” . It is directed by the very talented Magnet Ornelas! I skanked it up with Deals Olan from (OoCA, Bad Manners, Toasters) and Daniela from (Inspecter 7). Also on hand were a bunch of great folks from the Ska community including Pabel Anselm & Andy Muñante to name a few. The video was filmed around NYC September 23-25 notably at Times Square, The Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge/ Washington Heights in a whirlwind speed run through New York City!

Deals, Daniela, Magnet, Andy & Checkerphil

Rox Teddy Ska Baseball Team in Super Mega Baseball 3

Checkerboard Kids are so happy this exists! You can check out the full details and see pics and links to the games team below!

June 2020 on the Super Mega Baseball 3 platform The creator of Those American Girls, the talented Peter Bernard (Note: Those American Girls and I teamed up on Xmas for some caroling and stuff!) he was kind enough to create an avatar of yours truly to be on the baseball team the Annunaki! Eventually he called to let me know I had left the team to head up a Ska related team! Whaaat? He had some players and asked for some recommendations on other names so I suggested some names to honor some folks in Ska music, We added some musical styles and tropes, I also added Pauline because she is one of my all time faves so no matter what she has to be on my team! Thus the ROX TEDDY were born! Sept 2020 they have been playing and the competition is pretty fierce between teams The NY Americans, The Mothmen, The Super Heroes, My former teammates Annunaki and many more! You can watch all the action on The TAG Baseball Channel on Youtube! Like and subscribe because they are awesome! I’m not really a big baseball person but these engaging, suspenseful and humorous lil vids have really turned my opinion!

First Episode!

The ROX TEDDY vs. The NY Americans at 15:23 point in the video!

Checkerboard Kids Musical Playlists

Here is an old tune I hadn’t listened to in years…

If you dig Spotify we have several playlists going on that you may dig.

There is a whole bunch I like but here’s a lot of the tunes I have on repeat.
There are several different styles of vegan music encompassed here. Make sure to take a look around and find what you like
This is for when I’m just chilling at the pad.
Note: there’s no Depeche Mode or Smiths /Morrissey on my New Wave Mix because I have seperate playlists for them…