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Phil Esquire, The Boy Genius in full effect


The Boy Genius hails initially from Brooklyn, NY and was raised in the Bronx. His Hobbies are: drawing cartoons, & collecting comic books; "I highly recommend the works of Frank Miller, Evan Dorkin, Rumiko Takahashi & the Brothers Hernandez. I also enjoy independantly created mini comics, such as John Green & Dave Romans "Teen Boat", (only comic I know with a theme song) Funniest book hands down has gotta be Mike Dawson & Chris Radtke's "Gabagool!" Which has made the move from mini comic to professionally published. Great stuff all around."; Musical Collection: as vast and diverse as the man himself (that is, after SKA SKA SKA!!); "On the non-Ska tip, I enjoy the works of Mindless Self Iindulgence, Laurie Anderson, KRS 1, Talking Heads, The Smiths, Neil Young, They Might Be Giants, Wu Tang Clan, The Pixies, Depeche Mode, Frank Zappa and Prince, Favorite Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (has been involved with the New York cast over half of his life & has appeared numerous books on that particular subject - in addition, he illustrated the entire "Props List" on the RHPS website); Favorite Food: Chicken Saag, Favorite Public Access Show of all time: the award-winning Beyond Vaudeville program;
Phil dislikes: People who drool & Religious fanatics
Phil likes: Cats who are friendly & Interesting People

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